Services Provided


  • Diagnosis of Benign and Malignant bone tumors.
  • Musculoskeletal Radiology and Pathology service.
  • Joint sparing surgeries for benign bone tumors.
  • Limb salvage surgeries for Malignant Bone tumors in children & adults.
  • Limb lenghtening tumor surgeries in children.
  • Biological method of reconstruction for Malignant Bone tumors.
  • Growth preserving surgeries for Malignant Bone tumors in children.
  • Pelvic tumor surgeries.
  • Surgeries for Primary Spinal tumors.
  • Management of pathological fractures.
  • Surgery for spinal secondaries.

Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Services

  • Free flap reconstructive procedures.
  • Local flap for reconstruction.
  • Vascular reconstruction.

Spine Onco Surgery

  • Surgeries for Primary Spinal Tumors.
  • Surgery for spinal secondaries.

Medical Oncology

  • Chemotherapy for Paediatric Bone tumors.
  • Chemotherapy for Primary Malignant Bone tumors in adults.
  • Chemotheraphy for Secondary Bone tumors.
  • Chemotheraphy for Multiple Myeloma.

Surgical Oncology

  • Surgeries for soft tissue sarcomas.
  • Pelvic Tumor Surgeries.

Musculoskeletal Radiology

  • Image guided biopsy.
  • Radio Frequency Ablation for benign bone tumors.

Musculoskeletal Pathology

  • Needle biopsy.
  • Immunohistochemistry.
  • OncoCytogenetics.

Physiotheraphy & Rehabilitation services

  • Physiotheraphy for limb salvage procedures.
  • Physiotheraphy for spinal surgeries.
  • Rehabilitation for Amputees.

Orthopaedic Oncology Counseling services

  • Patient counseling.
  • Counseling for the family.